Thursday, May 7, 2009

A day in the life of a steam locomotive.

This video, shot on my model train layout, shows one day in the life of a little steam locomotive. From the first chores in the morning, (picking up a car at the brewery) to the end of the day when coal and water have to be restored. The locomotive is a german class 86 tank loco (2-8-2) with a loksound decoder from ESU. The loco is an older model without even the socket for DCC, so the installation of the sound decoder was a bit of a pain, but it the end it worked...
My DCC system is the "Multimaus" from Roco which offers walkaround capability and up to 20 function keys to control sound.
I had the idea to make this video for quite some time, but I needed to finish the area of the brewery first. Now that I was able to do that (see last post below), it was time to take out the video camera. I shot the video using a digital (non HD) video camera and a tripod. For editing I used Adobe's Premiere Elements and saved it in .flv (Flash Video) format, before uploading to Youtube. I hope you enjoy the little video and you are welcome to leave comments or questions below.